We are a unique 3D scanning studio with our own cloud web platform.

Bringing state-of-the-art 3D presentations to the eyes of your customer.

We are a unique 3D scanning studio with our own cloud web platform.

Bringing state-of-the-art 3D presentations to the eyes of your customer.

About us

Image, image, image... Still the same...

Have you ever wondered that with all the latest technologies and science all around us, there could be a better way how to present your business than just ordinary pictures? Giving much better experience to your customer than just another bunch of images? Like everybody else?

Photos have been used for marketing since the end of 19th century. Surely, in the 1970s they got colours and with the Internet they got…. well, bigger audience, but it is still the very same experience as 50 years ago.

Isn´t there anything better today?

The answer is 3D scanning. It allows to capture the actual shape of an object along with a high resolution texture. The result is a photorealistic 3D experience that your customers will love and most importantly – will remember.

But we know very well that the perfect 3D scan is not the end of the road. Because without a proper software implementation, the 3D scan is just another high-tech gadget that will end up in a shelf, without giving the proper value to your business.

Thats why we put a lot effort to our own software services that allow to fully exploit all the unique features of our 3D scans. Based on the latest technologies, cloud infrastructure and class-leading extensibility. You will get the complete solutions without any compromises.

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Our services

3D Scanning

Looking for a complete service or you just want to scan an object and process it by your own? Our first class photogrammetry studio means no compromises at you workflow.

Data processing

Do you have scanned images, but you do not have resources or skills to process them? Our 3D artists and developers will take care of them for you.

Software implementation

Don't you want to make any compromise in the 3D models implementation? Our software developement team will customise it at the very last detail.

Our work

Take a look at a few examples and areas of our work. Do not forget to click on the "Try it" button and experience it in a real 3D in our own viewer.

3D product presentations

Nothing beats the user experience of a photorealistic 3D model. Easily embeddable, responsive, endlessly configurable.

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3D presentations with interactive info points

Bring your visitor's attention with interactive info points that can contain any HTML or even video. 3D presentation on steroids

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3D virtual tours

Combine photorealistic 3D models with 360° images, videos and more to create ultimate virtual experience.

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Culture heritage

3D models, 360° images, video, info points... plus the Layer function that allows you to display changes over time.

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We are based in Prague - in the heart of Europe, so we can offer our services to a wide area of customers and businesses.